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Yangbay Waterfall Tour

Moc Than grows to a height of 25m and a radius of 20m around the leaf canopy. The circumference of the foot is roughly equal to the length of 20 arms. Moc Than, as previously mentioned, has stood there for hundreds of years. It is made of three trees: two Da trees and one Sanh tree.

This tree is home to the spirit of the Yang Bay jungle. Three trees appear to be three members of a family. The tree's foot is 8 meters long and represents the sky, lagoon, fire, thunder, wind, mountain, water, and land.

Because the tree is very sacred, villagers frequently stop to make stick fired before going to work every day. This will bring them good fortune in life.

The crocodile is a large aquatic tetrapod that lives throughout the tropics in Africa, Asia, America, and Australia. Crocodiles, lizards, and snakes are all scaled diapsids, but only crocodiles have a genetic link to birds and extinct dinosaurs.

Crocodiles are classified as either biological family members or subfamily members. Crocodiles prefer freshwater habitats such as rivers, lakes, wetlands, and even brackish water on occasion. They eat mostly vertebrates (fish, reptiles, and mammals) and occasionally invertebrates, depending on the species (mollusks and crustaceans).

They first appeared around 55 million years ago, during the Eocene epoch. YangBay is home to approximately 200 crocodiles. The fishing fee is included in the price of the packed ticket.

08h00 - 08h45: You will be picked up from the hotel in the central city by our expert tour guide and air-van.

09h30: At Yangbay

Visit “Holy Tree”- the biggest trees at Yangbay waterfall with 25m in height.

Visit around Yangbay park by Golf Car. Relax at Ho Cho waterfall

Join Vietnamese folk games, such as:

  • Pig racing
  • Javelin
  • Fishing Crocodile
  • Fishing Bear

Visit Yangbay showroom ” Raglan Music Instrument”

  • Raglai Rock Piano
  • Cheap Guitar
  • T’Rung Guitar
  • Tacung Flute
  • Taleploi Horn
  • Raglai Dance

Have lunch at “Dai Ngan” restaurant with many special foods:

  • Goat pull cannon
  • Ostrich stir
  • Pork rips grilled chili salt
  • Tropical fruits
  • Raglai rice

Continue your relaxation at Yang Bay waterfall by taking a photo, sending a message, or playing beach games like volleyball and throwing balls.

15h30: Minibus and tour guide take you back to the hotel.

Trip Included:

  • Hotel picks up & drops off in the central city
  • Golf car (excursions)
  • Tour guide
  • Lunch
  • Pig racing ticket
  • Desk chair
  • The Raglan live music show
  • Mineral water, hat
  • Mud bath
  • Soaking in Hot Spring
  • Travel insurance

Trip Excluded:

  • Personal expenses

Price: $ 45 USD/ Person

The Price Will Be Additional In Vietnam Public Holidays

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Yangbay Waterfall Tour