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Monkey Island Nha Trang

It's a private island about 2 kilometers off the coast north of the beach town of Nha Trang. It's a fairly large island, and the employees will tell you that 1,500 monkeys live there.

However, I've never seen more than about 200 at once during mass feeding time, and you're more likely to see fewer than 100 when you visit.

There is a beautiful beach with huts and chairs for guests to use, as well as a simple water slide and some other toys in the water. There are a few shops and some interesting gardens.

But the main attractions are the colony and the dog and the monkey display that run three times a day, conveniently timed when larger groups arrive at 10:00 and 3:20 p.m. The colony is of monks who can roam anywhere.

08h30: Minibus and tour guide pick you up from the hotel

Arrive at Orchid stream

Entrance to the cave to see many kinds of Orchid, many flowers were collected in Vietnam and International and the emulation of ancient thousand trees sparkling

Enjoy the Animal show:

  • Monkey circus
  • Dog calculate math
  • Ostrich riding
  • Take a photo with an elephant

Relaxing at An Binh beach or join water sports:

  • Jetski
  • Parasailing
  • Banana boat ride
  • Kayak

Have lunch at Huong Lan restaurant

Take a rest or go swimming

Arrive at Monkey Island

Join “The animal circus show” with monkey, dog, pig racing.

Feeding monkey with bread, peanuts, fruits…

Visit some gardens with natural flowers:

  • Mermaid garden
  • Heaven Dragon garden
  • “The journey to the west” garden

Especially you can join scuba diving to discover the extraordinary coral reef at Monkey island. Besides that you can join water sports:

  • Jetski
  • Banana boat ride
  • F1 racing

Back to the mainland

15h30: Minibus and tour guide take you back to the hotel

Trip Included:

  • Minibus transfer
  • Tour guide
  • Entrance fee
  • Lunch
  • Animal circus show
  • Mineral water
  • Travel insurance

Trip Excluded:

  • Personal expenses

Nha Trang Monkey Island Tour Price:

35 USD/ Person

The Price Will Be Additional In Vietnam Public Holidays

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Monkey Island Nha Trang