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The Vinpearl Indoor Game Zone, which is housed in a man-made mountain 24 meters high, has a plethora of games suitable class="table table-stripped" for all ages. Aside from a hi-tech-integrated game zone with a 4D world, bumper electric car, and Kids' Garden, a 4-D projection room with hundreds of seats will provide you with a truly unique and exciting entertainment experience.

1. 4D Projection Room

The 4D movie is an entertainment system that combines 3D movies with real effects right inside the Projection Room, such as rain, wind, snow, light, smoke, difficult movements such as shaking, falling, earthquake, heat/warmth, or even water flush, airflow, or smell.
Three modern and luxurious 4D projection rooms with a capacity of 30 people at Vinpearl Land Amusement Park not only allow you to admire cinema masterpieces but also move with each beat of thrilling and attractive, life-like stories. The swing chairs in the 4D projection room, with backup devices below allowing movements to the context of the movies, will make your heart race faster.

2. Bumper cars

Let's put your driving skills to the test on these adorable bumper cars. Driving your cars into other people's cars will definitely lift your spirits.

3. Kids’ Garden

When you visit Vinpearl Land's "Kids' Garden," you will enter the world of fairy characters from your childhood dreams. With overwhelming images of fairy characters, this is an ideal place for kids to have fun and relax. Parents can have their children babysat at Kids' Garden for a few hours and relax knowing that their children will be carefully cared for.

4. Kid’s paradise

This site has a lot of new, funny, and appealing games for kids. Stepping into the magical world of childhood, children will enjoy a variety of entertaining and educational games such as Superman Electric Cars, Kid Train, Flex Animals, buoy house, ball house, rail ducks, roundabout games, and so on.

5. Game Supermarket

Vinpearl Land Game supermarket will be an ideal place for family members and friends to acquire to relax, with attractive electronic games such as horse racing, hammer beating, motor racing, gun shooting, and audition dancing. A Vinpearl Land Amusement Park Entrance Card entitles you to unlimited access to any games at Game Supermarket that suit your tastes.

6. Karaoke room

Karaoke rooms outfitted with cutting-edge audio equipment will serve as the stage for you and your family members to showcase your singing and performing abilities. Songs in various styles not only relax you and allow you to express your emotions, but they also serve as a sentimental voice connecting souls.

  1. Round-trip cable car ride to Vinpearl Land
  2. There is no time limit to join the game.
  3. Take a visit to “Truc Lam Tinh Vien.” “Alpine Coaster” Pagoda Hot Game 2012
  4. The roller coaster
  5. The Pirate Ship
  6. Bungee
  7. Merry Go Round and Round
  8. 4D movies about buffalo riding
  9. Bumper vehicle
  10. Games for the outdoors
  11. Relax on the five-star beach.
  12. Aquarium
  13. “Motorbike Flying In The Circle Iron” is a short film.
  14. The big show “Music for the water”
  15. The animal circus
  16. The magician's live show

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